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Gift package with yarn that is hand-dyed in Iceland. The pattern and the subject matter fit this yarn. The gift kit contains a pattern and yarn. The yarn is 75% Merino wool / 15% nylon. Good instructions are included, which are suitable for both beginners and advanced. Knitting size is 3-3.5 (needles not included). The amount of yarn fits the fabric that each kit is made of. You can get the kit from me or have them sent by post to your mailbox.


This is a classically stranded, two-coloured mittens pattern, beginning with a
double ribbing and continuing with a stranded pattern.


This is one of my first patterns and I felt it was very important that they got a
beautiful name. What´s more beautiful than lying in the moors and looking at the
sky, dreaming and seeing lots of weird creatures in the clouds.


Maríutása Mittens -Cirrocumulus Mittens

SKU: 315E
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