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The pattern in this gift kit is made by be and this is the only kit that does not have hand dye yarn in but instead very  nice 100% wool.


Good instructions are included, which are suitable for both beginners and advanced.
Knitting size is 3-3.5 (needles not included). The amount of yarn fits the fabric that each kit is made of. You can get the kit from me or have them sent by post to your mailbox.


This is a classical stranded knit hat with a colourful corrugated ribbing. The pattern is regular, and at most 2 colours are used per round. In the colourful decrease section, there are sometimes 4 colours in a round, but then one is almost finished and keeps going!
In some places long floats are inevitable, and it is recommended that you weave in your yarn every 3rd stitch as you go. Regarding colour dominance: the strand near you is the more pronounced one (dominant).

This is my very first pattern, which I brought to paper and into an understandable form, when I decided I’d wanted to take part in the hat design competition for Reykjavik Yarn Crawl 2019. When I handed my pattern and my prototype hat in, I was encouraged to design more, because this hat was colourful and different than what had been the mainstream trend.



Húm Hat - giftkit, hand dyed yarn and pattern

SKU: 324E
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