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Classically stranded mittens pattern with 2 Latvian braid and a simple ribbing. The pattern is regular and easy to remember. There will be no long floats, but it is very good if you weave in your yarn every 3rd stitch as you go.
I intended to make a completely different pattern, but somehow the pattern ended up like this, fun to knit and a beautiful pattern. I asked for a name for the set, and this was one of the nominations that came from someone who dyes yarn for me. I think the name fits well and she gets the combined pattern as a reward, thanks Sigrún!

In Iceland, we look for a four-Leaf Clover for luck😊.

Yarn: Sock yarn (75% wool, 25% nylon), 100 g / 400-425 m [437-460 yds]
or similar fingering quality to gain the same gauge.

Needles: Sock needles or circular needles 40 cm [16 in]
in 3 and 3.5 mm [US 2.5 and 4].

Gauge: 32 sts = 10 cm [4 in] on needles 3.5 mm [US 4].



Measurements: Circumference 56 cm [22 in], depth 21 cm [8.3 in].

Main colour: Dottir dyework, Hunter (greenish), 28 g [1.0 oz].

Contrast colour: Dottir dyework Crunch (pale yellow), 19 g [0.7 oz].



Measurements: Length 26 cm [10.23 in], circumference 18 cm [7 in].

Main colour: Dottir dyework, Hunter (greenish), 32 g [1.13 oz].

Contrast colour: Dottir dyework, Crunch (pale yellow), 22 g [0.78 oz].


Thorough explanations as well as links to technical videos are included.



Fjögurra blaða smára Hat & Mittens

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