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Yarn: Natturuprjons Yarn (85% Merinowool, 15% nylon), 100 g / 400 m
 [437 yds] or similar fingering quality to gain the same gauge.

Classically stranded mittens pattern with a Latvian braid and a simple ribbing. The pattern is regular and easy to remember. In some places long floats are inevitable, and it is recommended that you weave in your yarn every 3rd stitch as you go.

When I was a child, we used to go on family adventures to Ásbyrgi, which is a very distinctively horseshoe shaped, forest grown depression east of Húsavík. According to legend, Ásbyrgi emerged, when Odin‘s horse Sleipnir tread the ground forcefully. Due to the steep rock walls, the acoustics are outstanding. Designing these mittens made me remember my dad, who demonstrated to me and my siblings how the echo sounded.

Thorough explanations as well as links to technical videos are included in the knitting techniques chapter.


Bergmál - Mittens, gift kit with yarn and pattern

SKU: 318E
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